Clinical Hypnotherapy

Imagine receiving the assistance to be able to reclaim your life by accessing you’re inner resources so that you can begin now, to live your life fully. With the help of Clinical Hypnosis, Counselling and Non-Attachment Therapy, negative patterns of thought, feelings and behaviours can be replaced with positive ones creating an empowered life. Freedom from limitations, fears, hurts, phobias, addictions, self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression and more.

“My naturopath referred me to Lorina for my daughter who experienced anxiety for years. She now has her life back. I am so grateful”. (Name withheld).
“No more yo-yo weight or diets. I’ve been sending a lot of my friends who have struggled for years with weight and low self-esteem, to see Lorina for permanent results. Thank you. (Sarah)
“I’m losing weight while improving other areas of my life”. (Jenny)
Now available in Geelong and Ocean Grove.
P 0402 454 951 • hypnotherapygeelongbylorina.com.au


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Clinical Hypnotherapy

0402 454 951


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