Imagine the outside world dissolving as your shoulders and neck are stretched and caressed. Shoulders drop and relax. You feel the deep, rhythmic flow of the treatment and move in synchronization. Your face is gently massaged in small circular motions; you have drifted off into another state. Your head is now massaged in a combination of vigorous and enlivening, then gentle and soothing, movements. All tension has now slipped away. An inner peace prevails.

Indian Head Massage helps to reduce tension and tight muscles and restore energy flows within your body. This assists to restore a natural healthy balance. It works on the upper back, neck and scalp.

‘One of the most relaxing experiences I have had. Pam has the ability to relieve the stress and tensions of everyday living. I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep.’ Anne McDonald.

Pam also specializes in reflexology, counselling and hypnosis, soul psychotherapy, ear candling, meditation and reiki. Please visit the website for more information.

Call Pam Allen on 0417 357 030 for enquiries / bookings

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Indian Head Massage

Phone Pam Allen on 0417 357 030
Website www.pamallen.com.au


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