Our wellbeing is something many of us are keen to embrace to ensure optimum health and longevity. The health and wellbeing sector is an industry that continues to research and discover natural ways to nurture and mend the mind and body. So many of these resources are now recognized for their positive impact both mentally and physically and more and more people are actively seeking them as an
alternative to the mainstream. Geelong and the surrounding region offers an array of businesses, products and services following the natural philosophy towards maintaining all aspects of personal health and wellbeing.


Bellarine Reiki

Are you feeling ill at ease, anxious or sense nervous tension pulsating through your…

Fiona's Multidimensional Healing Techniques

Come and enjoy the following techniques to assist with a clearer, more positive outlook.…
hygea counselling sep15

Hygea Counselling Services

Clinical HypnotherapyImagine receiving the assistance to be able to reclaim your life by…
pamallen feb15

Indian Head Massage

Imagine the outside world dissolving as your shoulders and neck are stretched and…

Renew U Pure Wellbeing

Welcome to a place to renew and restore balance to the body, mind, soul and skin. Renewu…

The Sprout About

Local food lover Christina La Fornara after 10 years in the business, has finally opened…